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Here are some things that you can do while purchasing a house:
  1. ● Understand your needs while buying a home.
  2. ● Check your credit score.
  3. ● Make a budget plan.
  4. ● Consult a real estate agent .
  5. ● Check the Construction Quality of the Property.
  6. ● Review multiple homes.
  7. ● Check for the deals.
  8. ● Check for the location and neighborhood of the property.
  9. ● Last but not least, check for the connectivity to the main points.
Booking your desired apartment using our website is quite simple. Go to our website and choose from the properties offered, including the location and other characteristics. Then, select the property that best meets your needs and submit your inquiry by clicking the book an appointment button. You will get an assured callback within 5 minutes of submitting your query to discuss the complete details.
The pandemic with lower prices was considered one of the best times for people who invested in real estate. If you invest today in underdeveloped areas with good connections, the price will double when the projects are completed. As a result, the optimal moment to invest is always strategically engaged with knowing where to invest rather than when to invest. For detailed information about investing in Gurgaon, you can consult us.
The registration of an agreement for the sale of immovable property is required under the Registration Act of 1908, the Transfer of Property Act of 1882, and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016. The agreement to sell an immovable property becomes a permanent public record when registered. Furthermore, a person becomes the legal owner of immovable property only once registered in his name.
If a person purchases a new apartment within two years of the date of sale of the original flat and invests the whole amount of capital obtained in the new flat, capital gains are excluded. The terms of the Income Tax Act of 1961, however, apply. We suggest you seek the advice of a Chartered Accountant in this respect.
The registry is the database that contains all of the relevant documents, etc. On the other hand, power of attorney refers to the right/authorization provided by the owner to someone he trusts and to whom he assigns the power and rights to deal with the property under unpredictable circumstances.
A buyer must verify the authenticity on several grounds, including the approved building plan with all of the details, assurance that the floor being purchased is approved, that the building is being constructed following the specified rules and regulations of that area, and that the urban land NOC, if required, has been obtained. It should also be checked that the property on which the building will be constructed is owned by the builder or is under some form of arrangement with the landlord.
In addition to the purchase price, the buyer must pay the registration fee, stamp duty on registration, service tax, and Value Added Tax.
No, there are no such restrictions on the number of residential properties that an NRI can acquire; however, repatriation is allowed just for two such properties.
At 3 Horizons, we offer a great selection of residential and business properties. You can look at luxury apartments, penthouses, economical houses, builder flats, and independent floors for residential use. Similarly, we have featured office spaces, stores, and other business sites for sale.

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